Photos of Tools for the installation of Air Bags #59111 for 2003 Chevy Astro Van with 2"-4" Flip Kit

Ryobi Lithium Ion Impact works well with the 90 degree impact driver and 3/4 deep socket for quickly removing U bolt axle lock nuts.

Slim Drop Light with Fluorescent Bulb, 2 Magnets, and 120 outlet with long 24 foot extension cord.

Heavy Duty 6 Ton Ratchet Jack Stand

2 Ton Hydraulic Roller Jack

Portable 120v 5Hp Compressor Ultra Quiet with air hoses and water separator.

Grinder with grinding wheel and wire wheel. Safety Glasses and Safety Face Shield, Protective disposable Nitrile Gloves and Mechanics Gloves.

1/4" Ratchet, 1/4" Extension, 1/4' 9/16 Socket, 1/4" Swivel (that has been taped with black electrical tape for control of flexibility),Shortened Box End Wrench 9/16(not a must), Short thin 9/16" open end
Wrench (helpful), and bent 90 degree Open End Wrench

Phneumatic 90 degree angled Die Grinder. This combination allows you to bevel, contour, chamfer edges and elongate holes. Excellent for creating flat spots to center punch and drill.

Makita Drill with 1/2 chuck,120v, stable and versatile.

Diamond Knurling Tool Round Tip

Drill Bits 3/8" and 5/16" are Cobalt and used for drilling harden steel very important compare with Titanium Coated Bits when used.
Diamond Rounded Tip Knurling Tool is a must.

Corded Ridgid 3amp MultiTool and 12v MultiTool with attachments of 90 degree drill, Impact Driver, and 3/8 Ratchet

Ryobi 1/2" Drive Lithium Ion Impact with 90 degree impact attachment, Air Grinder, Air Die Grinder for Diamond Knurling Bit, Cobalt 3/8", 5/6" drill bits, Center Punch, 4lb. Sledge Hammer, 1/4' Ratchet, Extension, Swivel, 9/16 Socket,1/2" Breaker Bar, Short Extension, 7/8" Deep Socket, and 3/4" Deep Socket